With deep sensitivity but overwhelming affinity for secular life, staying inside has never been preferred.

Experiencing healing while struggling to stay afloat has translated into over a decade of first-hand experience.  Checking all the boxes for a creative existence - familial estrangement, college dropout, selling soul to management, stint in NYC, contemplating OnlyFans fame.  As well as the emotional tumult gifted to most creatives.  Studying the sweet spot of real world living & spiritual experience has become Purpose.  As the in's & out's of a creative existence require specific attentiveness.  Taking into account heightened sensitivity, overlap of work & play, and hedonistic lifestyle exclusive to those who create.

As a young lily pad studying Spiritual Ordination, I additionally train Shadow Work, Ancestral Healing, and Body Image Clarity.  I currently do not offer Nutrition coaching.  I prefer it as an artistic medium and source of nourishment.  My Holistic Nutrition schooling with the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is for clout only.

It is with the greatest humility I offer guidance & personal training for creators seeking to deepen their connection with Self & Source.   All the while honoring the highs and lows of an artist’s way.


Cheers to our abundance.


 [ Additional questions:  bydaniellekim@gmail.com @bydaniellekim ]